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Islamic Calligraphy Wooden Acrylic Art  Allah (SWT), Mohammad (PBUH)

Islamic Calligraphy Wooden Acrylic Art  Allah (SWT), Mohammad (PBUH)

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Islamic Calligraphy Wooden Acrylic Art  

Allah (SWT), Mohammad (PBUH)  

Islamic /Ramadan Wall Decorations 

Islamic Wall Art /Arabic Calligraphy 

  • SHINY/HANDPAINTED WOODEN DECOR: Our Wooden Islamic Wall Decors are made of 10 mm thick ecofriendly MDF (Medium Density fiberboard). Shiny acrylic layer is applied for shiny mirror effect.

  • IDEAL RAMADAN DECORATION : It will enhance the atmosphere of your home during Ramadan month/eid and remind you of Islamic values every time you look at it.

  • MODERN & ELEGANT LOOKING: We offer modern and elegant alternatives instead of old-fashioned decors that do not reflect the beauty of calligraphy.

  • ISLAMIC GIFT: We offer the most precious arts that can be gifted to your Muslim friends. Gifts for marriage, birthday, mother's day, father's day, eid, ramadan or housewarming gifts. 

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